Dear St Laurence’s family Due to the power outage on Sunday morning in the Discovery and surrounding areas, we will have our Zoom Pentecost Service today at 2pm.  
 Click on this link to join today’s service: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89443690256pwd=MXlCWktMeXhERTFpeXd3dzN2S1BVQT09   
 If you are asked for a meeting ID or password, please enter these numbers. Meeting ID: 894 4369 0256 Password: 384505   If you have access to a prayer book, please get it ready to follow the service. You may also like to have your own bread and wine/juice as a symbol. The pew leaflet has been sent out earlier. Remember to wear red for Pentecost, if you can.   I will open the service at about 13:45 (1.45pm) with some music. All microphones will be off while people are joining. At 14:00 (2pm) Martha will start the Eucharist and only selected microphones will be turned on.    If you need any assistance, please call Beryl 082 330 6538 or email beryl@jtatraining.co.za   
 Blessings to all John   

  PS Tips for those new to Zoom:
Click on the link above – Zoom will open
Click on “Open Zoom meeting” (open zoom.us)
You will see: “Launching” (this takes a few seconds) then “Connecting”
Choose between: “Join with video” or “Join without video” (if you have limited bandwidth)
A message: “Please wait the host will let you in soon” is displayed.
I will begin admitting each person from 08:45.